ADOPTED: Sweet as a Strawberry!

Good day future fur parents! My name is Strawberry (a.k.a. Sophie). I am between 4 and 5 years young, and a little pit mix. You're probably asking why I have two names, well, let me tell you! So, at the shelter I'm at, my official name is Strawberry, however the two times I have been … Continue reading ADOPTED: Sweet as a Strawberry!


ADOPTED: Cover Boy Ricky!

Oh boy! Hello everyone! My name is Ricky, I am about 6 0r 7 years old and a Boxer mix! A little bit about myself you ask? Well, I love rope toys, maybe a little bit too much now that I mention it. Sometimes I swallow them! Walks are my favorite and I am always … Continue reading ADOPTED: Cover Boy Ricky!