Hey there,

My name is Marissa Peralta, and I am a Zoology major at San Diego State. I grew up with having at least one animal in the home at all times! I adore all animals, and they have helped me overcome so many trials in my life. Since I have been in college I have had the pleasure of both working and volunteering in the no-kill shelter system.

What has this taught me? Why make this blog?

Great questions! Well, I have learned that dogs and cats are some of the purest creatures on this earth. They truly are selfless, and want nothing more than a little bit of love and to see you smile. Some of the dogs and cats I have met/handled have some of the toughest histories, yet still manage to have the calmest most loving demeanors. I am here to show you some of these wonderful adoptable pets with their stories told through their eyes, so you get to see a different perspective. These animals are some of my greatest friends, and they need a ‘furever’ home. I would like you to see them as they truly are, and provide you with relevant articles telling you the benefits of adoption, give training tips, and overall further your knowledge of the shelter system.

I am a former Dog Caregiver and current volunteer at Best Friends Animal Society-Los Angeles, so that’s where these animals will be available for adoption. I hope that as this blog grows, I will be able to share stories of animals from all over California!

Stay tuned, and get ready to meet my best friends, and maybe your future family member!

*Amazing photograph captured by Todd Roisman, Jessica Valenzuela, and Amy Duran during Titan’s showcase video foundĀ here.