Essential Items for New Dog Owners!

Hey guys, Brownie here! Let me help run you through some gear you’ll need as a new pet owner.

Congratulations! You have either added a new member to the family, or you are seriously considering it!

But wait….

It’s not all fun and games just yet, you’re going to need some pet gear, but what exactly?

Let me help by providing a well rounded list to make sure you are as prepared as you can be for that first introduction of your new dog into your home!


I’m going to break this down into categories to make this even easier!


  1. Find a local vet for your new pup. This is quite possibly the most important thing you can do, as you will want to immediately take your new dog in for a check-up to give him/her a clean bill of health.
  2. Consider investing in pet insurance. This is a great option to help lower costs for future vet visits. If you are adopting, ask the shelter for recommendations, they usually have a few on hand!
  3. A microchip. These are great. If your new family member ever gets spooked and hops that back fence, you have a better shot at finding them. During this nightmare, if your dog is brought to the shelter, they can scan the chip, find your info, and contact you!
  4. A doggy toothbrush! Yes, it sounds silly, but hear me out. Teeth are incredibly important, and as we age our teeth get bad. This can lead to a future of extreme discomfort and teeth extractions. Yikes!
  5. Some bath-time doggy soap. This is only important if you plan to bathe your new fur-child yourself! Please do not use human soap as this can dry out our skin, or even cause an allergic reaction.
  6. A fur brush. This is a must. It doesn’t matter if you are getting a long or short-haired dog, we all pretty much shed.


Pet Gear/Apparel:

  1. A collar and tag of course! No explanation needed here, this is also a crucial step for obvious reasons.
  2. A harness. Instead of just a regular clip leash attaching to a collar, this gives way more support. A dog’s neck can be very sensitive, and if you yank too much, their trachea can collapse! Ouch! Minimize this risk by getting a harness that hugs the body to help you get your new dog moving.
  3. A clip leash. Not much explanation here, you gotta attach something to that harness! Consider poop bags if you plan to go on many walks, most will come in a container that attaches straight your clip leash.
  4. TOYS. Okay, not all of us dogs love all toys, but I guarantee you we all have a favorite. Get a well-rounded cheap toy supply to see what your new dog will like. Balls? Stuffed toys? Rubber toys? This will be found out through trial and error!
  5. Optional item: A Thunder Shirt. You probably won’t know if you need this for your pup until fireworks/thunder season rolls around. If your pup is anything like me, this will be a MUST. I’m frightened of loud booming noises, and this is one of the only things that helps me relax!


You’re almost ready, just a few last things!


  1. Dog food. DUH! Of course we need some food, but what kind? Consider your new dogs age, weight, and breed when picking. I strongly recommend not buying found in big department stores, stick to places dedicated to furry friends like me! If you have a local pet store, or you go to a Petsmart or Petco, keep these things in mind. When looking at the ingredients list, the first ingredient should ALWAYS be a meat. It should be clear to understand (i.e. deboned chicken or deboned turkey). Chicken meal is generally an o.k. ingredient, but you don’t want this as your first one. I personally love Blue Buffalo and Merrick!
  2. Treats! Oh, my favorite to talk about. These should also center around how you will use them. Are they going to be training treats? Then look for small low-cal treats as you will usually give more than one at a time, and you don’t want your new dog to get tubby!
  3. Chews. I personally love pig ears, and pork crisps. Please stay away from raw-hides and actual bones as these can splinter and perforate the intestines! Fish skins, antlers, pig ears, and sweet potato crisps are good options. Chews are great for occupying time. They give us something to do since we are generally all over the place!


Okay! This is a pretty good starter list, you should be set. One thing that didn’t fit into any category, but is very important is a crate!

These are an excellent training tool, and you should start crate training as soon as you can, as they come in handy.

Some last minute items if you are getting a puppy: Puppy pads and lots of carpet/floor cleaner. Puppies make accidents, it happens, but be prepared. Nature’s Miracle is my favorite, it smells delicious!

Last thing, just relax. Every dog is different and you are going to discover lots of quirks form your new friend. There are going to be some things they love and hate. Personally, squeaky toys scare the crap out of me, and blankets are actually my favorite thing.

Things always get easier with time, and with these tools, you should be prepared for just about anything!

Good luck!




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