Scrappy baby (a.k.a. Scrappy Doo!)

Hey there friends!

I’m Scrappy Doo, but a few of my friends call me Scrappy baby! I am about 4.5 years old and an American Staffordshire Mix!

Aren’t I the cutest? It’s true!

A little about me you ask?

Well, I am the wiggliest guy in town, and you’ll probably catch me shaking my butt from the excitement of seeing my friends. Walks are my favorite even though my back leg bothers me some times. Toys are also something I just can’t live without! I can be a mildly energetic pal, or a cuddle bug. Mainly a cuddle bug.


Though I am a sweet baby and have many friends, I am selective with who I choose to be my friend. I don’t like just anybody! I mean come on, do you like everyone you meet? Of course not, that’d just be crazy.

This personal attribute has gotten me in trouble once before, as I bit someone who wasn’t my friend. We didn’t have any sort of relationship, and he tried to play with me without getting my attention first! I’m just a bit picky I suppose, but I really just need time to get to know different people. Due to me requiring a bit more patience than some other dogs, it would be best if I were in a home with older kids, like 10+! Along with that, I’m a bit picky with my pup pals too! I am okay with friends that aren’t too amped and pushy. I’m just a chill guy!


I’m just a goofy boy who wants some lovin’ like everybody else!

I’m super smart and have passed C.L.A.S.S. just like my other friends here on LoveShelterMutts. I know sit, watch, down, gentle, go to bed, and stay. Pretty impressive right?

I’ve been at Best Friends Animal Society-Los Angeles for about 2 years without being adopted. That is such a long time isn’t it?

It’s pretty unbelievable since I have such great in-home skills. Best Friends has this program called Slumber Buddies, where volunteers can take different pups or cats on sleepovers for the weekend! One of my best pals chose me, and gave me the opportunity to show what I’m made of.

My foster parents adored me. They said I was a perfect gentleman. I loved cuddling, going to walks in the park, and going shopping with them. I bonded pretty quickly with them, so whenever they would leave the room, you better believe I’d wake up to follow! The only thing I didn’t like too much were stairs, they just scare me little, they’re so tall and I’m so close to the ground.


So are you looking for a mellow wiggly-butt sort of guy like me?

I know I may require a bit more patience, but we make for the best sorts of dogs! The loyalty that comes with the bonds I do form with my friends, are not something to be taken lightly. If you are my friend, we are best friends. I trust you, and you trust me.


My foster parents took a chance on me so I got to show off my home-skills, now I need my furever parents to give me a chance to show that I can be the best boy for them!

Remember, just like you read about Brownie and her story, I am more than my flaws. Let me show you!

Are you interested in knowing more about me? Would you like to meet me to see how great I am for yourself?

Come visit me at Best Friends Animal Society-Los Angeles! I’m here everyday, and you can visit me between 12pm and 8pm!

Any questions about me that I didn’t cover? Ask in the comment section below, and I will personally reply as soon as I can!

-Scrappy Doo (a.k.a. Mr. Best Smile Ever)


3 thoughts on “Scrappy baby (a.k.a. Scrappy Doo!)

    • Scrappy Doo says:

      How nice Samantha!
      I look forward to meeting you and becoming best pals. I can be cranky sometimes, but you can never go wrong with treats. I’m a bit of a little piggy!



  1. Laura says:

    Scrappy Doo, your foster mommy and daddy want you to know that they love AND miss you very much!! They hope to eventually have a home with less stairs and more room for you to play so you can come live with them forever. But they will totally understand…and will be VERY HAPPY for you…if you find another family that loves you as much as they do. If YOU decide to adopt another family, be sure to shower them with lots of love like you always do to your foster mommy and daddy. You should probably warn your future family that you like to give lots of kisses and that you also like to gently hold on to those you love the most with that big mouth of yours. (It might scare your new family if they don’t know your intentions, but once they realize it is your way of “holding hands” they will love it.) Make sure you let them know how much you love belly rubs and snuggling, too! And your BIG SMILE when getting lots of love and attention will warm their hearts. Last but not least, please let them know you snore when you are happy. It’s one of the most charming things about you, but no one would know unless they brought you home. Sweet dreams, Scrappy Doo!!


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