My Boy Titan!


My name is Titan. I am about 6 years old and a German Shepherd mix which means I’m a pretty big guy!

I’m Marissa’s right-hand man, that’s why she calls me her boy. I know already my other best friend John will challenge this. It’s okay John, we can all be best friends, I have plenty of love to give!


There is so much to know about me… Where should I start?

First of all, I am incredibly energetic. You know how I mentioned my best friend John? He’s my running/hiking buddy, and we always go on great adventures together. I can only hope that my future fur parents will be super active just like me! Since I’ve lived such an active lifestyle, I’ve had no health issues in all of my days at Best Friends.

I am described as being friendly and affectionate, I have so many volunteer and staff friends where I live. Let’s be honest, they all call me their boy. I think they love me so much because I am super smart and goofy. Just like Strawberry and Ricky, I too have passed C.L.A.S.S.! We’re all pretty impressive, I know. My cool tricks include “spin” and jumping over hurdles, but I do need some work on “stay” because I just get so excited!


One of my only downsides, if you want to see it that way, is that I’m not good with other dogs! Yeah, I have pretty poor manners with other pups, so I’m going to have to be your one and only (no dog parks for me)! On the upside, I am a whopping 84lbs of pure energy, so I am big enough and give enough love for two dogs.


I was recently in a foster home and they had nothing but great things to say about me! They said I was totally house-trained, and loved being with my owners/foster parents. I was a gentlemen when meeting new people. I just needed a brief little “get to know” period, and then they became apart of my temporary family! There were some moments where I tried to chew on some shoes…..but after spending some “time-out” time in the backyard, I learned that it wasn’t worth it. I am a great listener and cuddle bug. I’ll squish you and lay on you if you let me!


I’m just a big silly boy, with some pretty poor manners in my kennel. If I bark at you, please don’t be deterred, it’s just what I do. I’m harmless and am doing what I can to communicate. When you ask to see me in a yard, you’ll notice I’m the sweetest guy, EVER.

Do I sound like the type of dog you could be looking for? Are you active? Do you have a big yard? Tall fences? Can you make me apart of your family? Come and see me at Best Friends Animal Society- Los Angeles any day from 12pm-8pm, because I’ll be there waiting for you!

Any questions about me? Comment below!

I also have done a showcase video with Marissa that can be found here. This could provide some info that I may have forgotten to tell you!

Have a terrific day,



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