ADOPTED: Sweet as a Strawberry!

Good day future fur parents!

My name is Strawberry (a.k.a. Sophie). I am between 4 and 5 years young, and a little pit mix.

You’re probably asking why I have two names, well, let me tell you! So, at the shelter I’m at, my official name is Strawberry, however the two times I have been adopted they called me Sophie. Don’t worry, I respond to both names just fine!

I know I know. Now you’re going to ask, how/why I have been adopted so many times without finding my fur-real furever home? Well, I haven’t had the best of luck in homes. Both of my previous families loved me. They said I was potty trained, dog social, and overall mellow. Though I’m a well behaved dog, each of my previous owners had to move, and couldn’t take me with them! So here I am, waiting and ready for my official time to shine.


Pocket Pit Strawberry!

One thing about me is that I love toys! Almost anytime you see me, I’ll probably have a stuffed toy in my mouth. My favorite past times include: nose-work (I’m good at finding treats), going on walks, playing with my other dog friends, and practicing all my tricks. I’m actually incredibly smart. I’m potty trained, and passed the C.L.A.S.S program just like Ricky did! My cool tricks include shake, rollover, and “go to your blanket”. I’m always up for learning new tricks, just throw me some chicken treats and I’ll do whatever you want!

Oh yeah, that’s another fun fact, I’m allergic to just about anything but chicken and turkey. So, I kind of have a strict diet!

13686721_1120597964653651_7401274396706118555_n (1)

I’m just a goofball waiting for my permanent home. Marissa was my foster momma for a little while, but unfortunately her pup at home wasn’t my biggest fan. She was just picky, which is weird, because I’m a very universal dog who gets along with pretty much any play style! So as you can see, I’ve really just had a string of bad luck, but I am so antsy to get out of here.PhotoGrid_1490118563101.png

I would make an amazing family pet. With a little time I can get along with just about anyone, and any dog. Not so sure how I would be around cats, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one up close! I am very mellow, but can get silly and playful too. Does it sound like I would make a great addition to your family? Come see me at Best Friends Animal Society-Los Angeles in Mission Hills any day from 12pm-8pm! I cannot wait to meet you!

Have any questions about me? Ask below!

With love,



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